Neston Nomads FC Chairman - Bruce Munnerley

Bruce Munnerley joined the club at the very beginning, he has dedicated many hours to Neston Nomads Football Club , and continues his hard work not only behind the scenes, but face to face promoting teams across all age groups.

Neston Nomads FC Vice Chairman - Paul Davis

Meet our Vice Chairman Paul Davis, he supports Bruce, our chairman, with the day to day running of club, but also manages a Neston Nomads Youth Team.

Neston Nomads FC Club Secretary - Keith Penny

Keith Penny is our Club Secretary, he deals with club enquiries, projects, and logistics.

Jacqui Garland

Jacqui Garland is our club treasurer, Jacqui manages all financial aspects of the club.

Neston Nomads FC Charter Standard Officer - Mike Moss

Mike ensure all coaching qualifications are kept up to date and also organises our Neston Nomads FC Tournament.

Neston Nomads FC Safe Guarding Officer

Meet Simon our Safe Guarding Officer. He is dedicated, ensuring all members of the club are safe and facilitates DBS checks.

Neston Nomads FC Youth Secretary- Carl Bishop

Meet Carl our Youth Secretary. Carl organises entry into leagues, club registrations and is always on hand to offer advice.