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Neston Nomads FC Tier 4 Response

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Neston Nomads FC Tier 4 response:

The Eastham Junior League has called off all league matches due to the current Covid-19 situation. All Tier 4 Senior teams football is suspended. Further to that, there was the announcement yesterday of Neston, Cheshire region going into Tier 4, but as a club on the county border we have some players/coaches in Tier 3. We also have the delay in High School students going back until the 18th January to allow mass testing to take place.

With all due consideration after lengthy discussions, unanimously as a club committee we are asking all managers to cease ALL Football activity, whether that be training or matches. This will be reviewed in 2 weeks time, Friday 15th January 2021. We understand this may not be the instruction many were hoping for, but we feel the safety of our community is paramount. We understand many will cite the mental and physical well-being of the players, but there are many ways families/players can address this in what will hopefully only be a short-term measure.

We appreciate everyone’s support for each other in these difficult times, and hopefully we can look forward to resuming football in the new year.

Kind regards,
Neston Nomads Committee

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