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Adult Development Phase


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Adult Development Phase - Here at Neston Nomads we have a strategy that we use, to allow players to constantly improve with their footballing capabilities.

Below you can view some of the attributes and coaching methods that we use to improve as individuals, but also as a team.

Adult Development Phase Strategy

We encourage players to:

- Reflect on their effectiveness in practice and games.

- Think about how they may improve next time.

- Develop an understanding of movement to support team-mates.

- Create and exploit space.

- Develop scanning, predicting and assessing skills to form a ‘picture’ before receiving the ball.


We create an environment where:

- Players are given the chance to play a ‘game’ during every practice session.

- Challenges are set to encourage learning.

- Practices replicate the demands of the ‘game’ as much as possible.

- Goals are used to help players’ enjoyment and motivation.

- Small-sided games on appropriate sized pitches provide young players with opposition, decision- making and challenge.

- Emulate the game situations through a series of different scenarios and a variety of these game-like challenges during practice sessions.

- Players should be 70% of the training session in contact with the ball.

Coaches shall consistently try to:

-Prioritise a positive learning environment, ensuring methods and content are made appropriate to the age and ability of the players.

- Reinforce learning focus from practice sessions on match day.

- Set players specific challenges that link to the theme of a recent practice session.

- Allow all players to experience success.

- Remember that young players don’t enjoy being shouted at, having their mistakes highlighted.

- Consider how their decisions will impact upon a young player’s self-esteem, motivation and enjoyment of the game.

- Praise effort and positive behaviour as well as good play.

- Ensure that players enjoy playing the game, young players should not miss out on the opportunities to learn and fall in love with the game.


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